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Growing your own food.

It has been 8 weeks now since we have been advised to Stay at Home. And the adjustment to our lives has been huge. I remember listening to the news reporting a virus in Wuhan, never did it enter my head that within months, we would be in exactly the same situation here in the UK. 

Although plans for my new business were put on hold I was able to trade online, this was quite a learning curve as my social media skills were non existent and to reach people, I was going to have to watch a lot of Youtube tutorials on tips on how to do this !!!!

I have been so grateful for the fabulous customers who have supported me and given me hope that I have done the right thing in working for myself. I wasn't prepared for such highs and lows but that's life I guess, a series of highs and lows.

But more than anything, being forced to stay at home has taught me that we need to take the time to reflect and be grateful for what we have. Life can sometimes get so hectic we forget to stop and think about the people we have in our lives and enjoy simple things like taking a walk with a family member and catching up with them.

I have spent quite a lot of time in my vegetable patch. I have always liked growing veg, but before it would have been a rushed task which usually ended up with plants being neglected and weeds taking over. But as I have had more time, I have been able to nurture and maintain the garden. I am as guilty as most of wasting endless hours flicking through Instagram and Facebook and feeling rubbish that my life seems less perfect than someone else's. But when I am in the garden, pulling up weeds and removing the odd stone, it clears my head and refocuses my thinking.

Try and take the good out of any situation.